On my 30th birthday I always thought I was going to be scared hitting that number, I don’t know why, I guess it was the way people called it the big “3″ “0″, as if something significant was about to change and I didn’t know what it was.

Well I have made it, a fun and not so fun childhood, an undergrad experience that changed my life, a couple of brutal jobs, a good job, married a girl I never imagined myself being with who ended up becoming the woman of my dreams, two little angels who have brought so much joy and drive to my life, wonderful friends that add so much meaning to my life, and now at the GSB which has been transformative in too many ways to mention.

The surprise party, messages, phone calls, and one awesome snapchat, have made this day so special, so I wanted to give back by sharing reminders from the lessons, mistakes, and failures of mine in the hope that they can in some way add value to your life. Here are 30 reminders I am using to help me live a better life.

1. You will never be great at something you don’t enjoy doing, do work you love and success will follow.

2. Your faith will keep you going, when everything else is lost.

3. When you spend more time preparing, you spend less time worrying.

4. Kiss the people you love every morning, and kiss them before you sleep at night.

5. Be you, nobody else can do it better.

6. The best fun you can have is by being with great people who make you laugh and smile, regardless of where you are.

7. My family need enough money to be comfortable; so don’t justify working harder or longer for them when really all they want is you.

8. Read more books, only good things can come of it.

9. Smile at people, it makes them happy, and you feel better in the process.

10. Eat more fruit and vegetables; they make you feel lighter, healthier, and more awesome.

11. Don’t do an exercise to stay in shape, do it because you enjoy it.

12. Hug more often, it feels great for you and for them.

13. There is good in everyone, be patient.

14. Live for experiences, not things.

15. Don’t respond to a request when you are really happy, or really sad, you almost never get it right.

16. Go for more walks with people, they are a great way to relax, unwind, and talk about meaningful things.

17. Don’t plan so much, and then you will never be disappointed that things didn’t go according to plan.

18. You don’t have to be doing something all the time, sometimes it’s good to just sit back and let the world happen to you.

19. Travel more, as you discover new parts of the world, you discover new parts of yourself.

20. Tell the people you love that you love them, as much as possible, it never gets old.

21. Don’t be afraid to cry, it’s the first step to getting past the pain.

22. The best thing you can share with others is your experience.

23. Help people, it will make you happy.

24. When you get angry or upset, before you say or do anything, say a prayer then go out and exercise.

25. Keep a journal of the things you are grateful for, that way you always have your blessings fresh in your head.

26. If you like someone, let him or her know.

27. Stop comparing yourself to others; you don’t know their circumstances or what they have been through.

28. Perfection is impossible, progress is necessary.

29. Just because one bad thing happened today doesn’t make your whole life bad, move on.

30. Stop checking your phone so much, because every time you do a part of your life passes by that you will never get back.

Thank you all for making my life so beautiful. Alhamdulilah.

Your brother,


P.s. Feel free to share this with others if you think it will be helpful, much love!