I was reminded of a saying this morning, “live each day like it’s your last”. Life; we usually don’t think about it coming to an end, in a way we live with an inherent assumption that tomorrow is guaranteed. During some “me” time today I thought about how I would spend my day if it was my last, and here is how I think it would go.

After early morning prayers, I wouldn’t take my usual nap until my alarm goes off or when my kids wake me up, I would stay up and watch the sunrise, take it all in, and appreciate the blessing of the day to come. I would then lay down beside my wife and kids until they woke up, then make them breakfast.  They always love it when I take the lead in the kitchen, probably because of how silly I look in the process.

When breakfast is over  I would play with my two boys and watch them, watch the curiosity in their eyes and the smiles on their faces. In that very moment they are everything I want them to be for the rest of their lives to come, happy, and discovering the world around them with warmth in their hearts.

Once the kids are asleep for their afternoon nap I would read a book for an hour, I love the adventures that books take me on, they allow me to discover places and thoughts beyond my current surroundings and imagination.  Since travel would be pretty difficult given the circumstances, this will give me that final opportunity to discover a world outside my own.

After reading I would head to a class or workshop where I teach our youth work and life skills. I would help them dream, and build plans on how they want to make that dream a reality. I would listen to their thoughts and aspirations, and give them advice on the mistakes I made and the opportunities I wish I had captured in the hopes that they don’t do the same. Being able to shape young minds of the future has always been an aspiration of mine, and is the greatest way that I think I can use the skills I’m lucky to have been blessed with, Alhamdulilah.

Then I would gather my five closest friends at the park, and talk about anything and everything, laugh about the silly moments, talk about life, the world around us, and what we think the future will look like. Each of them are parts of me, and I a part of them; they have shaped the person I am today.  So, when they remember me, they will see a reflection of who they are, a reminder of the impact and change they had on one man’s life, and use that to change the lives of others.

I love writing, and specifically writing that helps people, so that’s what I would do next.  I would put a final piece together that would hopefully leave an impact on everyone who reads it.  In turn this gives me one last chance to work on an art that I truly love, because it frees me of the thought of what is to come and allows me to completely submit myself to the moment, where my love for the work and the work itself are in perfect harmony, for me there is no better way to live.

After writing the last article, I would read to my kids because reading to my kids helps me connect to them in ways I never thought possible. We discuss words, animals, shapes, colors, pictures, and funnily enough I learn more about perspectives through them than they probably do through me. It gives me peace to see them growing, learning, and curious for more; I hope that element inside them never stops.

My kids would then have dinner and we would all sit around the living room playing games and watching daddy being silly until it’s bedtime, for them at least.  Once they have been put to bed, my wife and I would have a meal, something simple like chicken salad. We would then talk, laugh, and remind ourselves of our adventures together. We would reminisce of the special moments we shared, when we first met, and our little habits that we keep asking each other to change but we know never will, because we have grown to love those little habits as much as we love each other.

Once dinner is done, I would go upstairs, check on the kids, watch them for that little bit longer, say a prayer for them, and kiss them before I go to bed as I always do. Then, I would get into my warm bed, tell my wife how much I love her and how strong she is. I would hold her like I’ve never held her before, close my eyes, and pray that tomorrow never comes, because this day, this beauty right now, is everything I could ever ask for.

That is the story of my last day, and this may seem strange given the reason I wrote this post, but the reality is that it isn’t a story of death, but a story about how to live. Unlike death, a life of meaning, fulfillment, love and happiness is not inevitable, it takes dedication to the people you love spending time with, and dedication to the things you love doing, which brings out the best in you, and allows you to live each day like it was your last without even knowing it.

If anything I hope this post has sparked something inside you, to live a little stronger, love a little harder, and feel a little deeper. As for me that’s my article written, it’s time to read to my kids.