While I was studying in the US my family travelled back to the UAE for a few weeks and I was left home alone. During that time I tried to fill up my day with work and errands, only to blast through them in a couple of hours and then think to myself now what? That was a question I didn’t really have to answer for the better part of my journey as a husband and father, I was always busy. Asking myself that question reminded me of a few things that make relationships and fatherhood so special to me, so here goes.

Everything Is An Event

For me “Good Morning” is more than two words; it is an event in itself. Every morning I make it a point to play with my kids and prepare breakfast with my wife. It is amazing how something as simple as good morning can be taken to a magical level of love and happiness. When you wake up next to your partner, take those two words one-step further and turn them into actions. Have breakfast together, go for a light walk around the area, have your morning coffee and talk about what you want to achieve that day, or simply just lie on the couch together for that few minutes. When you start your day on the highest note possible, it trickles down into everything you do for the rest of the day, so make it special.

The Little Things Mean Alot

With any loving relationship it is the little things that make all the difference. Those little blocks of time you make for each other, the little unexpected surprises that cost nothing more than a few minutes can have an impact on your lives that last for days, months, or even years. Nothing makes me smile more than the random text message I get from my wife telling me how much she misses me, or when I would take half an hour out of my study schedule to pick up my son from nursery, or spending those few extra minutes in the arms of my wife after a long day. Those moments add up, and you will realize through the growth of your relationship that it is not the fancy dinners or expensive gifts that gives you goosebumps, but the little notes they leave beside your pillow to say I love you.

Love Slows Things Down

I have realized that when I do things alone, things go much faster, but when I do them with my wife and kids time seems to slow down and the moments seem that much longer. It is the people that make special moments seem like they could last forever. So next time you are going out don’t think about the sights, think about the people you will be seeing them with, don’t think about the food, think about the people you are going to be eating with. In all honesty the place might not be exciting, the food might not be delicious, but all that fades away when you are with the people that warm your heart and can always bring a smile to your face.

I have personally never been a fan of long distance relationships, and the experience of my wife and kids being in another country just reminded me why. In any relationship, if you are truly in love, you never fear being apart, as distance is simply a matter of time before you are back together again. That is what keeps you strong, and in the loneliest of moments, makes you smile, and remember everything you have to look forward to.

This post is dedicated to my family, I am glad we’re together.