Being uncomfortable is a feeling almost everyone would avoid given the choice. Think about it, it takes a lot of energy to give up a stable job for a challenging one, a TV episode marathon on the couch for an intense workout at the gym, or cooking a healthy nutritious meal for a microwave dinner. The easy option saves us the effort of going that extra mile, it keeps us comfortable.

However, for many of us, being uncomfortable is a feeling we have to live with day in and day out. It is simply the levels of comfort that vary given our personal choices, social status, or financial position. Therefore being uncomfortable is coming no matter what. However what we do have is a choice of how we deal with being uncomfortable when it creeps into our lives, or if we are brave enough, when we choose to put ourselves in that position.

Right now I am probably in one of the most uncomfortable positions I have been in for quite some time now, heavy loads of work I am not really “comfortable” with, trying to be there as much as I can for my wife and kids, and being in an environment that really pushes you to your limits, to be your best personally and professionally everyday. It gets hard to breathe sometimes.

But here’s the catch, think back to the times you truly felt good about yourself, a moment when you felt a sense of accomplishment, where you felt a sense of growth, where you came to discover a part of yourself you never knew existed. Remember the awesomeness? Where were you? What did you have to go through? I would bet anything that right before it your comfort levels were at an all time low. You felt lost and exhausted, but in the end you found your way, and in the process, found yourself.

The journey to a life of fulfillment and purpose has never come from sitting down, but from standing up, not from the acceptance of stability, but from accepting the challenge in the face of failure, not from following the masses on the well known path, but from venturing on the roads less travelled. Everyone has the potential to become great, and when you chose greatness you choose to put comfort at the bottom of your list. It is but a small price to pay for the magic you will see from the work and energy you use each and everyday.

I have come to realize that simply being comfortable is a life spent living, without truly feeling alive. When you are uncomfortable the load can get heavy, sometimes you won’t know if you’re swimming or sinking, but keep your head up. Always remember that you are becoming stronger with every second you spend in that situation, and never forget, if you are still breathing, you can keep fighting. Make your dreams come true, Fight On.