Everyday presents us with a lot of decisions we can make to shape our lives. Some of them are pretty straight forward like white or brown bread for your sandwich, some are a little more difficult like whether to go home and lounge on the couch or get in that much needed workout at the gym. Others are decisions that have the potential to change your life, like marriage, having kids, or career choices.

It is very easy to get completely overwhelmed by the decisions we face in our lives, we tend to take a lot of factors into consideration, of which many, in the grand scheme of things, don’t really matter. We focus more on the fear of change, rather than the potential of transformation, and we tend to lean slightly more towards what we are giving up, rather than what we are gaining.

Let me give you a short example, when my wife and I were talking about having kids, we always focused on how beautiful it would be to share our love and our lives with our future children, how we would have a stronger sense of purpose in making their lives and their world better, and how we would change our lives to help better support theirs. We could have just as easily gotten tied up in the costs, time consumption, and responsibilities of having children. Although those factors do come into the picture at times, in the grand scheme of things they are nearly non exist when you count the love, warmth, and energy they bring into our lives each and every day.

You see it is all a sense of how we chose to focus our mental energy, when we think about the decisions we face it is important to take into account the possible negatives and downsides, but never let that overshadow the endless possibilities, positive change, and transformation that come with making them.

If it is a new job that gives you a sense of purpose and impact, don’t think about the higher paying jobs others are taking, if it is a new country that you can move to, think about the wonders of adventure that refresh the soul, rather than giving up the comfort of your immediate surroundings, if it is asking the person you have feelings for out on a date, don’t think about the possibility of rejection, but the potential for everlasting love.

Making decisions is easier than we think, it is overcoming the fear of change, minimizing the inflow of information to make those decisions, and focusing on the positive that is the hard part. If you can shift your mind, those hard decisions might just be the easiest you will ever make.