There is a strong sense of comfort when we are in control of a situation, we gain confidence, assurance when we know the outcome of the given situation, or at least have a big say in what the outcome will be. But the reality of the world we live in puts our control of a situation, or our own lives for that matter, to the test each and every day.

To think of the millions of elements that come together to make a situation possible is phenomenal. If any of you have witnessed or been through failure, heartbreak, or an accident of any sort you know full well that sometimes there are things you just can’t control no matter how hard you try, or how hard you prepare.

But as with all things in life there is a balance, or even an advantage that tilts towards our favor by simply changing how we choose to look at a situation that comes along. So here is what we can control.

1. How you wake up

With every journey, comes a start, and the morning is your start to the journey of the day ahead. Think of it as your foundation, the most critical part of the day, it lays down all the necessary pieces you need to have a day of fulfillment, joy, and happiness.

Whether you have had an early sleep, late sleep, interrupted by crying kids sleep, just remember you are awake, and you have been blessed with a new day. Try and wake up a little earlier, spend some time with your loves ones, kiss your partner, play with your kids, go out and breathe the fresh air, make a lovely breakfast, you owe these things to yourself and the people you love, as any day started with health, love, and nature, is a day started in control.

2. How you spend your day

With today’s work demand and technology, we have never been more connected to the world, but in parallel we have somehow managed to disconnect ourselves from the immediate world around us, from the things that truly matter. There are really only two ways to spend your days, working towards goals both personally and professionally that fulfill you in every way possible, or working towards goals that don’t make your heart skip a beat every time you think about them.

The best value you can bring to the world is to do work that brings out every ounce of passion in your body, that is where you excel, where you are absolutely complete, in the moment, in flow, and your flow is your control, find it.

3. How you end your day

How we sleep is just as important as how we wake up, in a sense it is the day’s final chapter. We all know how it makes us feel to go through a whole movie only to get an ending that didn’t do the movie justice, so as you bring your day full circle, make every ending to each day one that brings you peace and wholeness.

Turn off the TV, laps tops, and hand held devices, light some candles and sit around the living room, talk to your family and loved ones about things beyond your immediate lives, discover new things about each other, and in the process you will discover new things about yourself.

Take time out of every evening to reflect on how your day went, the things you enjoyed, the things you didn’t, and more importantly how you can make tomorrow better, as a life in constant progress is a life dedicated the betterment of yourself, the people you love, and the world around you. If you know what it takes to make tomorrow better, control shifts in your favor, keep it on your side.

Life is a remarkable journey, which takes us through all kinds of ups and downs, a lot of which we have very little control over, but what we can control is our attitude to how we live each day, and more importantly our attitudes towards the situations we face.

Whatever happens remember you are awake, you have the day ahead, and you are making progress. Through these steps we learn how to take everything that comes with a smile and an open heart, and the reality is, that is all the control you need to make the day everything you want.

Life is beautiful.