Climbing up the stairs this afternoon with my lap top, a couple of books in one hand, and shot of freshly brewed espresso in the other, my wife asks me midway to bring up some towels from the closet. I now carefully place the towels on top of the books and laptop, and begin the journey to the second floor once again.

Halfway through the journey, disaster strikes, a book slips from between the lap top and the towels, and in an attempt to stop the other book from flying off the hot espresso drops on to my hand, causing slight discomfort, and a little bit of a jump. To cut a long story short, the books and towels took up most of the steps, and my wall had the pleasure of enjoying my spilt Nespresso.

Why did I insist on carrying everything at once? Why couldn’t I have just pleasantly carried my things upstairs and then gone back down again to grab the towels for my wife? Why did I take on more than I could handle? It seems a lot of what we do now is just that, a lot. Our heavy schedules, increased workloads, and never ending to do lists, it all seems like too much for one person to handle, and most of the time, it usually is.

It seems like everyone is juggling calendars to find a blank spot, I wonder what it would be like if things were flipped. A clean empty calendar, with loads of time to spare, where you pick and choose the most meaningful and important experiences to take those precious spots throughout your day.

A life where you lighten your load to be truly present in the moments you choose, where you are not rushing between dinners and events, where you are not checking your phone or watch every few minutes during a lunch with family or friends to make sure you are not late for something. Think about it, being truly calm in the moment, it’s beautiful.

Believe me give yourself some space to breathe, and slowly things will start to take your breath away, you start to see the beauty in the simple things around you, you start to notice the remarkable things in the family, friends, and people you meet, you start to truly engage in the moment, you start to live.

So next time my wife asks me to bring her the towels when I have my hands full, I am going to put everything down, sit down right beside her, talk to her and enjoy my espresso, and then get her the towels. If you think about it the towels aren’t going anywhere, and if I get to spend those precious moments with someone I love instead, then the towels can wait. So try out the lighter side life, breathe.