Through the journey of life there always comes a time that puts our will and heart to the test. There are going to be challenges that question every aspect of what we do, whether it is our work, our relationships, our health, or simply how we spend our time.

It is well known that nothing in this world is perfect, ourselves included, and due to that we should all have an inherent understanding that our lives won’t be either. But when challenges come we question everything, we seek reason “Why is this happening to me?”, and we want to give up.

Through my many hardships, and giving up several times, I have come to realize that it is not the challenges in our lives that break us, but we break ourselves in the face of those challenges. How we view those challenges and react makes all the difference, and here a few things I do now to face the difficulties in my life today, and those that are yet to come.


Prayer to me is the ultimate tool that puts everything into perspective no matter what I am going though. It allows me to slow down and refocus on everything that is important, my faith, my family and friends, and my health.

When you pray you don’t waste your time wishing for material things or success because those are a waste of time, and as you are connecting with Allah (in my case) you pray for the things that have the deepest meaning and that bring the greatest peace. As you finish your prayer you have renewed faith in your mission and your priorities, and in a way you know that things are going to turn out just fine, inshAllah.


There is no force stronger in this world than love, it can help you overcome almost any challenge that finds its way in to your life. This is where your friends and family come in. Most of the people I know that suffer the most during their hardships are when they go through them alone.

The people that love you would do anything to help you, and the last thing they would ever want is for you to suffer because you were afraid to share your burdens with them. In the end that is what they are there for. Plus, you would do the same for them. Always tell yourself you don’t have to go through anything alone, soon enough you will feel the weight come off your shoulders and the people that mean the most standing by your side sharing that weight.


The start of any journey is always exciting, whether it is a new job, the first day of university, or building your own company or product. But it seems like everything comes crashing down when that perfect picture you had in your head doesn’t look so pretty anymore.

It is important that you always stay focused on the end goal, to get your university degree, to be great at your job, to build an amazing company, have a picture of that on your wall, on your desktop, or anywhere that will be a good reminder. There are many path towards your dreams, but one thing is for sure they are all going to have bumps along the way, just remember where you want to be and those bumps will feel a lot smaller.


In a generation that is all about keeping us distracted, with the latest shows, new social media platforms that all our friends are joining, and a growing consumer society that says we need to spend more time consuming more stuff that adds almost no value to our lives.

What challenges do to our lives is they help us understand how we can better spend our times to overcome them. If you are unhealthy maybe you need to schedule more time to prepare food and get to the gym, if you are falling behind on your work and goals maybe you need to wake up a little earlier to get a head start, if your relationship is falling apart maybe you need to start spending more time with your partner

So whenever a challenge comes your way, sit down, ask yourself how you can best allocate your time and resources to overcoming the challenge, and create a plan of action. The more organized you are with your time, the quicker and smoother you overcome the challenge.


There is an awesome saying that goes “Tough times don’t last, tough people do”. You have to believe that one tough challenge in your life does not mean everything is coming to an end. Plus challenges always seem much more difficult and life altering due to our incredible imaginations and our ability to default to the negative rather than the positive.

Simply remind yourself how strong you are, and that with the right mindset, the will to survive, and people that love you supporting you, the tough times will pass, and you will be standing there a tougher version of the person you used to be. Keep going.


Going through challenges in life allows you to create a stronger sense of belief in yourself, because in the end you got through them, otherwise you wouldn’t be standing where you are today. When faced with a new challenge look back on all the hardships you went through, and use them as a guide and a reminder of how you can overcome anything life throws your way.

This will give you a sense of confidence that you will need to stay positive and optimistic that no matter how dark the moment is that you will be the reason there is light at the end of the tunnel, because you have been through that tunnel before, and that light will always be inside you.

These are the steps I take regularly when faced with hard times, obviously there are hundred of things you can do to get through difficulties in your life, the goal here is for you to think about them and to be able to come back to them when things get tough. That way you spend less time worrying about what might happen, and more time creating what will happen, you take life back in your hands, actually you remind yourself that your life never left your hands, you just got overwhelmed for a second and that’s ok, we are only human at the end of the day.

Never forget challenges are simply a part of life, you will overcome them, because you understand that you are capable of anything you set your mind and heart to, and with that belief the energy of the world will respond to help you get through those challenges, and create the life you love.