On August 28th, 2009 I became a father, and my world changed in ways I could never imagine. My view on the things that were important faded away into the distance to make way for a new life that was about to emerge, a life of joy and happiness, a life of drive to achieve not only for myself but for the life my wife and I brought into this world.

Up until that day my role in the father and son relationship had always been the son, the receiving role, but since going through the experience of fatherhood myself here are some of characteristics of fathers that I am grateful for as a son, and what I hope my sons will be grateful for as they grow up in life.

The Warrior

Fathers may be the leading role in the household, but when we look beyond the figure, deep into their hearts, through actions they take everyday, it is all for us. They work harder and strive for betterment not for recognition or reward, but to give us lives of comfort, dignity, and possibility. They put themselves last, so we can come first, they know that getting tired, giving up, or holding back, is not an option, because our lives depend on them. The fight until we have everything we need, and then they fight some more to make sure it stays there, that is how a loving father lives, because a loving father knows no other way.

The Source

When we have given up, with nobody else to turn to, we know our fathers will always be there to lift us up again. They are a source of strength and motivation to keep going when all seems lost, their wisdom and experience reaches far and wide, and even when they don’t have all the answers, they are right by your side when you are searching for them.  A loving father knows that in their child’s search of enlightenment, that someone may have to hold the candle for them, and in the greatest of darkness, a father’s light always shines brightest.

The Artist

The way a father overcomes hardships, the way he loves your mother, they way he loves you, the way he motivates himself, is in a sense painting a picture of the person you are to become in the world. Through his values and actions he shapes the person you are to become, your view on the things that matter most, and most importantly how you choose to live your life. Like any great artist a father will create masterpieces through his children, masterpieces that will go out into this world with an open mind, an open heart, and the values to bring out the best in ourselves and everyone around us.

This post is dedicated to all the loving fathers in the world; you are everything we could have ever asked for, We love you.