So here we start, 2015, a new year. I have never been big on open-ended resolutions e.g. lose weight, quit smoking, or start a business. But what I am a huge fan of is setting goals, things I want to achieve that will make me proud 365 days later, making them as concrete as possible, and setting a system in place for me to achieve those goals.

You see a goal is only as achievable as the thought, “Why am I doing this?” that has been put into the goal, and the system, “How am I going to get there”, that is in place for you to achieve it. We all know that all it takes is one set back on a open ended goal to give up, but with a system in place you always have something to fall back on to try again, and that’s how any goal is eventually achieved, by never giving up.

If you have followed me for any length of time on social media you will know that I am very open about my life, both personal, and professional. I love sharing the lessons I’m learning on the journey we call life. I feel it makes the world, my readers, my family, and myself just that little bit better.

So in the spirit of sharing I wanted to give you all a quick look at my goals for the year ahead and how I am going to get there. My only hope it that by posting this it gives you an idea of how you can work on your goals, and what you can do to achieve them.


  • Goal: My weight is currently at 75Kg’s, I am hoping to get down to 65Kg’s by the end of the year.
    • System:
      • I have taken a membership at Cobra Fitness (awesome gym by the way for people who enjoy combat sports), where I already train but not as regularly as I would like. My system includes training 5 days a week at their kickboxing and BJJ classes, and dedicating Saturday morning to cardio.
  • Goal: Go back to my California Diet
    • System:
      • Only fish, fruit, and vegetables, six days a week.
      • No carbs after 6pm.
      • Low fat alternatives to all my favorite foods e.g. Whole-wheat pasta instead of regular.
      • Saturday treat days where I am allowed to eat anything I want as a reward.
  • Goal: Meditate 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes in the evening
    • System: Meditating has played a huge role in bringing calm and clarity to my life. I took a whole class at Stanford on mindfulness, where meditation really changed my life. For some reason I let it slip and now want it back as a core part of how I live my day-to-day life. The times for meditation are already set on my alarm to ensure I am awake in a relaxed state to meditate, and not rushing.
  • Goal: Read 26 books – One every two weeks
    • System: I already have enough books to get me though three months of reading, one book every two weeks. I know this may seem like a low target, but I have fallen back on my reading and don’t want to set anything too high at the beginning and feel overwhelmed. The hope is to read a lot more. Dedicated reading slots have been set in my calendar for each book, the reading times are in the evening, but if I find that I can’t concentrate then I might shift the reading times to the morning after meditation.


  • Goal: 52 Columns: One a week
    • System: Given that writing to make our society better is one of my biggest passions I want to dedicate most of my time to getting more issues out there. Every Saturday afternoon will be dedicated writing time strictly for my column.
  • Goal: 20 Talks
    • System: Since returning to the UAE I have been giving talks on issues from career development, relationships, and education. The system I have in place is to conduct a survey at the beginning of every month on the most important issues that my readers and followers would like to hear more about, and on two Wednesdays a month host a talk at The Space in Abu Dhabi. Now you know where to find us J.
  • Goal: 52 Blog Posts
    • System: Every Thursday evening after my kids sleep will be dedicate to my blog, from 8:30pm (after my kids sleep) and will be published on the Sunday morning. These are more personal posts on the issues I am going through and how I am dealing with them. I will be posting them on my personal site, Since they are shorter in length I hope to try and fit in a lot more but want to see how this fits in with all my other goals then decide if I can dedicate more time to the posts.


  • Goal: Invest in at least one cash flow generating business
    • System: As far as I have been taught in business “Cash Is King”. Last year I invested in a property, which generates a little cash flow per year Alhamdulillah so I may want to replicate that. In terms of creating a system this one is a little difficult as it is a matter of meeting with people and keeping your eyes and ears open for opportunities that come up. I feel that being able to invest wisely into businesses that generate cash flow is one of the keys to building a more sustainable lifestyle and not relying so heavily on your day job. But more importantly giving you the freedom to walk away and still be able to live comfortably.
  • Goal: Pay off my personal loans
    • System: I have a couple of personal loans with the bank that bug me, my goal is to pay them off completely this year. I have set up a saving system which will increase the money that I put towards paying down my debt and calculated such that the last payment will completely pay off the debt by the end of the year inshAllah.


  • Goal: At least one date night a week with my wife.
    • System: My wife and I have realized that since marrying young, raising two little boys, living in two difference countries, that over the course of our seven year marriage we haven’t really dedicated much time to ourselves. Now she has access to my calendar and will be able to book evenings for us to go out and spend a whole day/evening together, not just over dinner, but exploring new places, and each other all over again.
  • Goal: At least one family day out a week to a place we can all play and have fun.
    • System: This one is simple, stay away from malls during family day and spend more time either in nature or at places that offer facilities to have fun as a family. This will allow us to connect deeper, and create more memories as a family.
  • Goal: Focus on special friends
    • System: My system is simple, focus on the people who truly care for me, spend more time with them, and check in with them more often. Since returning I feel I have put a lot of effort in the wrong places with regards to my friendships. In all honesty nothing feels worse than being the only person putting an effort into maintaining a friendship. There are people who love and care for me alhamdulilah, and they are the ones that deserve that time and attention.


Here is something I feel a lot of people forget when they are setting their resolutions/goals for the year, they miss out on an award for achieving their goals. Now it’s true that the reward is in the impact of these resolutions on your life, but I feel that having an award that is more of a “want” rather than a “need” provides a little more incentive, the icing on the cake if you will.

So my reward is this, I am a huge fan of mixed martial arts, and not a big fan of material things e.g. cars, watches, jewelry. So if I achieve all my goals for the year I will buy myself a VVIP Experience ticket to an international Ultimate Fighting Championship event, where I can experience the event as if I was an owner.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! I wish you all an awesome 2015 full of achievements, adventures, love, and smiles. Let’s make it one to remember.