When it comes to cooking in our house, my wife and I have always cooked together. The kitchen has now become a place where we can connect, work as a team, laugh at each other and enjoy the food even more because the result was achieved together.

I truly believe that it has played a huge role in strengthening our marriage. It is pretty much the same as anything in life, how do you feel doing all the great work and your partner just sits around all the time enjoying the benefits of it? Things are always more meaningful when done together, it shows how strong you are a a single unit.

Now there are times where she wants to treat me and make a meal by herself, there are times where I want to treat her and cook by myself, that is just our way of giving each other a little break. However never have we assumed that just because I was the husband and she was the wife that specific duties fell on each other.

It’s the same way my wife believes that the financial support of the house shouldn’t completely fall on my just because I’m a man. It’s a team effort all the way and we are both responsible for the growth and success of home, the lives of our children, and each other. I love it, it opens so many doors of opportunity when you know that someone is there to support, and it doesn’t matter if that’s in place you work, or in the kitchen.

When my wife and I were getting married I don’t even remember cooking or food coming up in any of the conversations, because it doesn’t matter, at all. A successful marriage doesn’t take place in the kitchen, but in each other’s lives, it isn’t started by asking a young lady what they like to cook, but asking them what they would like to eat, and it isn’t built on a stomachs full of food, but on a hearts filled with love.