This Ramadan wasn’t the best for me from a health stand point. I let myself go in terms of my diet, I didn’t go to the gym once, in part because I fell ill during the first two weeks, but also due to my own laziness.

This afternoon I did a 45 minute outdoor boxing routine and felt horrible the whole time. I wasn’t breathing correctly and had to keep taking breaks because I was so tired. After the workout I had to sit on the ground for 15 minutes before I felt good enough to carry on with my day. This hurt me because just before Ramadan I could go two hours straight and feel amazing, I ate well, and my health was always a priority.

Thinking about this experience reminded me of the value of being consistent with whatever it is you want to do in your life. That whatever changes you want to create to transform your life needs your focus, time, and commitment. Success in your health, your work, or your relationships is not a part time job, but something that you take steps towards every day of your life, no matter how small that step is, you are always moving forward.

You want to be in better shape? You can’t just train whenever it suits you, you have to carve out time everyday to exercise. You want to start a business? You have to do something everyday to build that business. You want to be a writer, you have to write everyday, even when you don’t want to. You want a more loving relationship with your partner? You have to do things every day that bring you closer as a couple, even when just sitting on the couch watching reruns of “How I met your mother” seems like a better option.

Achievement is about consistency, about growth, and about commitment to doing what needs to be done to make thing better. Time doesn’t stop, the world keeps moving, and it will move forward with or without you. The only person you can truly count on in the pursuit of the changes you want to see in your life is you. It will be hard, but with time, focus, and dedication the changes you want to see start to come true, your dreams will come to you