One of the first questions I got asked when I became a father was “Do you think you’re ready?”. Without any hesitation in my voice I said “Yes”. Whatever confidence I was showing on the outside was merely a cover up for the fear I was feeling on the inside inside. My parents always use to say I was a good actor so for once I was happy I could use those talents.

Even thought I felt fear, here is what I didn’t feel, regret. Not for a single moment did I regret that I had just become father, even though many thought I was too young. However here is what I did feel, love, I felt a deep sense of love every time I held him. I felt a deep sense of gratitude that we had an angel in our lives to give us guidance. I felt a deep sense of purpose, now I had to work hard and be a role model for the child I was raising, and prepare him for the great wild world.

There were always moments of worrying that I wasn’t up to the task, but I always focused on the next step forward, because that is the only step that matters. Did I make mistakes? Sure, more than I can count. Am I still making mistakes? All the time, but at the same time I am learning, and doing my best to become a better human being every day, because in life that is all you can ever strive for, progress.

I feel that being “ready” for something is overestimated, that we will fail at something simply because we are not ready. We forget that the human spirit is strong, and has the ability to build, create, and thrive with little knowledge or experience, because in life sometimes that is the only choice you have. The reality is if anyone of us only did things when we were ready we probably wouldn’t have experienced a major part of the things that brought excitement, happiness and meaning to our lives.

Whatever it is you feel you destined to do, or destined to become stop waiting for the perfect moment because it’s never going to come. However what will come when you decide to take that first step is strength, courage, and passion that will continue to move you forward no matter how hard things get.

So stop waiting until you’re ready, instead try feeling the fear and doing it anyway. You’re going to be just fine.