How often do you slow your life down to appreciate what you have? How often do you give the world a chance to move your life forward without having to feel in control of every moment?

One of the biggest changes that happen to us when we grow up is the need to feel in control all the time. In control of our relationships, in control of our careers, in control of our social lives, so much so that we rarely get the chance to just simply sit back, smile, and enjoy everything we have been blessed with.

Life is amazing. It’s filled with so many wonderful people, places, and things. So much beauty and blessings fill our lives but we never stop thinking about what’s next, or what could make this moment better. It seems like simply being still, and taking in everything the moment has to offer, is starting to be a cause of stress, rather than a source of peace.

More peace fills my life when I stop worrying about what’s next, because that’s something I have absolutely no control over. All I have for sure is this moment, so I make the most of it, and stop feeling pressured to do anything else but that. If you’re having fun just sitting around with friends, don’t worry about what you’re going to do later, just smile and stay in that moment. If you’re doing well in your career, don’t worry about you’re promotion or next year’s goals, enjoy it and just keep doing great work. If you’re in a loving relationship just let that relationship flourish without feeling pressured to know what’s going to happen next.

I’ve found that when you truly embrace the moment the next moment usually takes care of itself. I have found that when we take the pressure of ourselves, we allow peace to find its way into our lives. I have found that when we simply love without expecting something better, something better always finds us.

Everything in your life can be beautiful if you want it to be. It’s sometimes just a matter of slowing down and remembering that you always have something to be grateful for. It’s a matter of stopping the clock that society wants you to go by and moving on your own time, stopping when you need to stop, and loving everything about the stillness you have just created.