There’s a famous saying that goes “Time flies when you’re having fun”. We’ve all probably said it and experienced it. These moments are usually when you’re at your most joyful, when you’re completely lost in the beauty of the moment and put aside all your worries. Many have told me that it’s the only time they’re happy, kind of like an escape from the reality that is their life.

The problem with those moments is that they’re usually big experiences, like being at a concert where the music and the energy is just right, being on holiday and having the time of your life, or doing something for the first time and being absolutely amazed by how much fun you had. You don’t really have much of a role in creating that experience, you just put yourself in a situation where there is a 50/50 chance that you’ll have an awesome time.

One of the greatest lessons life has taught me is being aware of all the little moments that happen every day that can bring joy into our lives, and holding onto those moments for as long as possible. This picture was one of those moments. That day at the beach my son was cold and asked me to hold him, he wrapped his arms around my neck, held me tight, and just stayed there.

For those few moments everything in my life just stopped, everything that was important was happening, and everything I was worrying about didn’t matter any more. After about a minute I asked my son if he was better, he said yes but didn’t let go, neither did I, I wanted a pause button. It’s like we were both silently saying to each other, “hey just a little bit longer”.

I feel happiness is simply being aware of the little things that happen everyday that make life so beautiful, and making them last a little bit longer. When you kiss your partner in the morning, kiss a little longer, when you’re enjoying your walk, walk for a little longer, and when you hug someone you love, hug a little longer.

All our time on this earth is limited, but what isn’t limited is how beautiful we can make each moment. That is the power we have in our hands everyday, to know that something amazing is happening in that moment no matter how small it is, to hold on to it, and make time stand still.