In the classic Disney movie the Lion King the characters Timon and Pumba made famous the Swahili phrase “Hakuna Matata”. Hakuna Matata is formed by two separate words, hakuna which means “There is not here”, and matata which is the plural form of problem. Literally translated to “There is not here problems.”

Now I will be the first to say that approaching life with an attitude of not a care in the world might not be the best strategy. We all have responsibilities that can overwhelm us, we all have challenges to overcome, and we all have things we might not want to do but have to do.

Did you notice the words I used to describe common life problems aren’t really problems at all? Responsibilities, challenges, and things you don’t want to do are only problems if that’s how you define them. I have seen people who classify anything that requires effort, or that doesn’t go exactly to plan as a problem. No wonder life is so hard for them.

Being a parent requires a lot of effort, and experience has taught me that almost nothing goes to plan so the moment I became a father I made a promise that I would focus more on seeing the positive side of things and try not to turn every little thing that goes wrong into a big issue. I promised to take challenges one step at a time and do my best to overcome them with a smile. I promised that I would do my best to be a constant source of joy in their lives no matter what was going on.

I love being a dad because my kids have make those promises easy to keep. They teach me so much about how to approach to life, you know when you run into the arms of someone you love in public like nobody is watching, when a kiss and a hug can make you forget all the pain, or how you don’t need much more than people who love you to be happy. Most of all they have taught me that when we are together we make things stop, and believe that it is possible to live with no problems if you simply look at things just a little differently.