Why do we worry? For as long as I can remember I worried about things, we all worry I guess, but for me it all seemed a bit unnecessary. It’s like I couldn’t enjoy a beautiful moment because I was always worried about something else.

If I was out in the park with my family I would think about all the work I had to do and wanted to rush back, if I was having a lovely meal and enjoying dessert I would worry about how I would have to hit the gym to burn it all off, if I was just having a lazy day around the house I would worry about how I didn’t use the day for something more productive.

My body would be in the present but my mind would be somewhere else in the future, a negative future. For example if I was worried about all the work I had to do while I was playing with my kids I would usually imagine myself not getting it done rather than doing a good job and getting everything finished on time.

The funny thing is once we got home from the park, put the kids to sleep and I started working I would always get the work done. Whatever I was worried about was unnecessary and I underestimated myself for no good reason. It’s like when you worry you put yourself down so everything becomes a worst-case scenario. I’m going to be late, I won’t get the work done, I will fail. Stop it; you are much better than that.

What I’ve learned is that worrying is a natural part of life, anyone who cares about something deeply will worry about it from time to time. Now whenever I’m enjoying a beautiful moment I focus on everything good about it, and if worry creeps into the moment I simply flip that future negative scenario into a positive. I’m going to get that work done just fine, this dessert is worth the calories, or this day of doing nothing is so relaxing.

The key is not letting worry spoil a moment, you have so much beauty around you right now and life is too short to let the future spoil the present, especially a negative future that probably won’t happen. So take a deep breath, let the beauty of the moment take over your life, and never stop believing that you are stronger than any issue in the future you are worried about.