A question I’ve been getting asked a lot lately is how I stay positive, so here are a few of the habits and rituals that have become a big part of my life.

1. Do things that make you happy. You’ll be amazed at the amount of people who look back on their day and realize they haven’t done much of what makes them happy. People usually do what they think is best, not what makes them truly happy. Flip that around, as when you do what makes you happy the best just seems to happen.

2. Smile. To think one simple movement can change your attitude to whatever it is you’re going through. Times get hard, but believe me taking a moment to smile and remember the good things in your life can work wonders.

3. Stop. In our fast paced world taking a moment to stop is probably one of the most refreshing things you can do during the day. Take some time to stop every single thing that’s going on, put your phone on silent, close your eyes and just stop. Let peace into your life.

4. Exercise. A healthy body and a healthy mind depend on each other. You feel great after a workout, so do it more often and don’t make excuses. Just put on your sports clothes and walk out the front door, that’s the hardest part, believe me you won’t regret it.

5. Do your best. Worrying is a great enemy to positive energy. I have found that the best way to defeat worry is to simply do your best. Instead of spending time worrying put in that extra effort, you then notice that things just seem to work out, maybe not exactly the way you planned, but something good will come of it.

6. Help people. Some of the happiest people on earth are those that dedicate their lives to the happiness of others. Hold the door open for someone, volunteer, or just give someone a hand that looks like they could use one. By always keeping an open mind to helping people you keep an open heart for the happiness that will follow.

These simple steps keep me positive and bring that positivity to the people I love. That doesn’t mean things are perfect, hard times still come around, but these steps help me remember what’s important, how to move on, and keep smiling.