How do you measure your life? Some people measure it using love and family as their units, others success or wealth, and others popularity or status in society. The ultimate hope is that the units of measurement are true to who you are and all the things you want for your life. For example what’s the point of working long hours to be successful in a large corporation if spending time with family is what matters most to you.

What happens most of the time is that we fail to keep using the units of measurement that really mean the most to us. We start to stay in the office for extra work to impress the boss versus leaving on time and getting home to impress the people we love. We start watching more TV to get our mind off the day versus going out and experiencing everything the day still has to offer, we starting hoping plans get cancelled versus looking forward to them. We measure life differently, we look for comfort and stability before we look for happiness, excitement, and fun.

You see the concept of measurement is prioritizing what matters most to you and always making sure they are the focus of everything you do. Remember every moment you spend doing something that makes you miserable is a moment away from doing the things you love, and in many cases with the people you love.

Always take the time to measure the things you’re doing in life, whether they’re your relationships, your work, or your social life and make sure they are bringing a sense of joy to your life. In the end all that matters is that you did the things that made you happy, the things that brought meaning to your life and the lives of the people you love, everything else is a distant second.