Sometimes I think about all the things I’ve gone through in my life. All the tough times, especially the moments I felt lost and worried about what the future held in store for me.
It was like my life was on pause. I was too focused on what will be rather than what is, on what would happen tomorrow rather than what was happening in the moment. I was physically present but emotionally and spiritually I was living in a word shaped purely by my imagination, an imagination created out of worry. I would over-think everything where even the smallest event would become an almost impossible catastrophe, then simply freeze.
Experience has taught me that the best way to defeat worry is to simply move forward. To stop letting your imagination of all that could go wrong consume you. To trust in yourself that by moving forward, even if it’s into the unknown, it will lead to a better life because you’re overcoming all the things that have been holding you back and focusing on the path in front of you rather than the path you created in your head.
Promise yourself that no matter how bad things were, or how bad things are, you will keep moving forward. That you will stop worrying and walk forward to discover more about yourself and realize all the things you love in life.
Beautiful days lie ahead for those who know tomorrow will be better because they have the power to make it so. No worry is stronger than someone who is focused and driven onbringing their dreams to life, one is real, the other is an imagination, and what happens in reality is what makes the difference. Keep moving.