I read a quote by actress Amy Poehler who said “There’s power in looking silly and not caring that you do”. In an interview I was asked if I could go back in time and tell my younger self five things what would they be?” The first thing I though of was “Don’t take life too seriously”.

As we grow up everything starts to become serious, work, getting married, raising kids, finding happiness, feeling that you’re not experiencing enough when you see people posting pictures of themselves climbing mountains and traveling the world.

Being silly lightens everything up, it reminds you that what truly matters is being able to smile and be who you are with the people you love. The ability to be silly puts everything you are worried about on pause, and then when you come back to them you realize you didn’t really have to be worried at all.

I believe being silly gives you the ability to dream and not be afraid to bring those dreams to life. Think of all the people who have done amazing things in the world only to be called crazy or silly when they first told people their idea. All of us had dreams when we were younger but were told to do something that would work in the real world, but what does that mean if we can’t be real with ourselves?

I find moments of silliness are when I can come closer to the people I love, where I stumble across new and creative ideas more often, where parts of who I was come back to life before I became the person who changed just to fit in. There are of course times where we have to be serious, the key is that you should decide when that happens rather than letting the world tell you to be serious all the time.

The ability to be silly is what makes us human, so here’s to smiling for no reason, here’s to dancing in public, here’s to acting like yourself rather than acting normal, here’s to following the dream that sounded silly to everyone but it sounds real to every bone in your body, here’s to always staying true.