I remember there was a show on the streets of San Francisco, my son Khalifa walking beside me couldn’t see past all the people who had formed lines around the show, but he could hear the music.

He asked me to put him on my shoulders so he could take a look. As we got closer I could only see the backs of the people in front of me, but Khalifa could see everything, the dancing, the actions, and the stunts they were performing. He laughed, clapped, and kept telling me to look. I could still see nothing, so I just kept laughing and clapping along with him.

It’s funny how we grow up wanting to see the world and try everything in the hopes that with each experience we become happier, that our lives will become richer. As time has passed in my life I have come to learn that my world, what makes my life special, has come down to a few people in my life that I can bring joy to.

We all deal with hardships in our lives, we’ve all had our heart broken at one point or the other, life isn’t easy, but one thing I know for sure is bringing happiness into someone else’s life is the greatest power you can have in this world, and the greatest power to help whatever it is you are going through.

It reminds you that your true purpose in life is to love, to love with all your heart, to love the work you do, to love the life you have been given, and to love the people who bring joy to your life.

When you look back on your life the memories that will mean the most aren’t when you were smiling at something, but when someone was smiling at you because you made their moment better, because you gave them your love.

I’m glad to say that the only memory I have of that day is the happiness Khalifa experienced, but that is the only memory I need, the only memory I could ever ask for, and I’m a better man today because of it.