Imagine a movie came out that you’ve been waiting to see but you could only watch it in fast forward. The actors and scenes would be all fuzzy, you would hear nothing, and as a viewer the personal feeling of connection to the movie, the characters, and the story would simply not exist. You would have experienced nothing.

So why do people always want to fast forward their lives? It seems like every step in my journey had me trying to speed things up. When I was a kid I couldn’t wait to grow up, when I was in university I couldn’t wait for it to be over so I could start “real” life, when I joined my first company I could’t wait to climb up the corporate ladder.

Even in day to day life, when I was in a restaurant I wanted the food to come out fast, when I was at the airport I couldn’t wait to board the plane, when I was on the plane I couldn’t wait to land. Whatever it was in my life I wanted to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible.

By pressing the fast forward button on our lives we never have time to see all the beautiful things that exist around us. We talk about finding our calling in life, or falling in love with the person of our dreams, but how are we supposed to do anything or find anyone meaningful if we are constantly speeding through our days and wondering what’s next.

All we ever have for sure is the moment we are living in right now, so make it count. Love the work you are doing instead of thinking about how fast you can get that promotion and corner office, enjoy the surroundings of the restaurant you are in and the people you are eating with, take that time on the plane to meditate and just think about how amazing your life is (you’re flying!).

What I’ve found is that when you slow life down and really appreciate the good things in your life better things seem to follow, maybe it’s because you’re not running through your day anymore and ignoring them, maybe it’s because now you’re giving them a chance to come into your life.