When we travelled to the US it was the first time my wife had lived abroad. There’s a famous saying “Being thrown in the deep end”, this means that if you are new to something you start at the hardest part, you get no practice or warm up time. She was thrown into the deepest part of the deep end, living in a new country for the first time, raising two kids, figuring out her own life and trying to help me figure out mine.

The picture you see was taken after living in the US for a year, in the background is the beach we used to visit on the Pacifica highway every Saturday. It was an about an hour drive from our home, we loved it and we couldn’t imagine ending our week without spending a few hours there.

As I took the picture I realized how much she had grown, as a person, as a mother, and as my wife. I realized how she walked differently, talked differently, acted differently because of all she had gone through. I realized how much she had done for us, and all she had given up to make us happy. She was thrown in the deep end and figured out a way to swim.

When we first got the US she had to build up the courage to go to the Starbucks 30 seconds from our house. By the time we left the US she have travelled alone cross country, she was taking 3 hour driving trips to different parts of California with friends she had made in University, she was taking classes and being an active member of the community.

Now we are back in the UAE, she has started a business, she is a full time student and she makes the lives or my children and I beautiful.

Remember that even when you’re at your weakest, when you feel lost and don’t know what’s going on, that’s when you dig down deep inside and come to realize your greatest strengths, that’s when you realize that you’re capable of doing amazing things regardless of where you are or how hard things may seem. Simply have faith in yourself, faith that you will keep going because defeat is not an option, and watch how far you come.