Everyday we make decisions that are straight forward like what to have for lunch. Other decisions are a little more difficult, like to go home and nap or go workout at the gym. Then there are life changing decisions like getting married, having kids, or quitting your job.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the decisions we face in our lives. Perhaps it’s because we focus more on the fear of change, rather than the potential for transformation. We think about what we’re giving up, rather than what we’re gaining.

Here’s an example. When my wife and I were talking about having kids, we focused on how beautiful it would be to share our lives with our future children. We imagined the joy and meaning they would bring to our lives. We pictured them growing up and following their dreams.

But then we get caught up in thinking about all the costs, time, and responsibilities of having children. Picturing all the hard work of raising kids, and googling articles about how your life pretty much ends when you become a parent.

Making any decision in life starts with where you choose to focus your thinking. When you think about the decisions you’re going to face it’s important to take into account the challenges, but don’t let that overshadow the possibilities and positive change that come with making those decisions.

If it’s a new job don’t focus on the lower pay if it makes you happy and passionate about work. If it’s moving to a new country don’t just think about the comfort of your immediate surroundings, but all the adventures that await you. If it’s starting a family don’t just think about the costs and hardships, but the potential for building everlasting love in your life.

Making decisions can be easy, it’s overcoming the fear of change that’s the hard part. When you shift your mind and focus on the positive, you realize that there could be a lot more good than bad that comes from making a decision that could change your life.