There’s a strong sense of comfort when we’re in control of a situation, we gain confidence in knowing what’s going to happen next. However if any of you have ever experienced failure, heartbreak, or even just a bad day you know that sometimes there’s things you just can’t control no matter how hard you try. Here are a few things we do control everyday that I think play an enormous role in shaping our lives.

How We Wake Up

How you spend the first 20 minutes when you wake up can dictate how you’ll feel for the rest of the day. If you wake up late and rush you’ll likely feel that you’re rushing the whole day, if you wake up relaxed you’ll probably feel in control and more positive about the day ahead. Try waking up a little earlier, spend time with your loves ones, go out and breathe fresh air, have breakfast, you owe these things to yourself.

How We Spend Our Time

There’s two ways to spend your day, working towards goals that fulfill you or doing things that make you feel empty. Do what you love, that’s when you’re in control of your destiny. I know this is hard as many of us take jobs we don’t enjoy because it’s necessary to provide for ourselves and our families (I still struggle with this myself sometimes), but that doesn’t mean we can’t work on a plan to transition to work that’s more meaningful to you, or build your own business. It’s hard work, but if it gives you control of your life then it’s worth it.

How We End Our Day

End your day peacefully. Turn off technology, sit and talk to your family and friends, discover new things about each other. Take time out of every evening to reflect on your day, the things you enjoyed, the mistakes you made, and more importantly how you can make tomorrow better. Life is about progress, the more you progress, the more you control.

Through these steps I feel we learn to take everything that comes with a smile and an open heart, and I feel that’s all the control we need to be happy and grateful for the life we have.