For a big part of my life I replaced the things I loved to work on with work that I thought would be accepted in society, like being a doctor or engineer. I started taking jobs that would make me feel bad but would make me look good to others. I would walk into work feeling empty and walk out feeling even worse. I had no passion for the work I was doing. I felt like I was living life on a hamster wheel, trying to move everyday but staying in the same spot.

My parents, friends, and teachers always told me I was a creative and good at telling stories. I felt awesome whenever they said that, it was my dream to tell stories. However I replaced those dreams with things that I thought would help me succeed in the “real world”. Imagine people asking me what I do for a living and me responding with “I tell stories”, people would think I was crazy, stupid, or both.

Then I did two things, I started writing and stopped listening to others. I made it a point to write everyday. I started following famous writers, their habits and rituals then incorporating them into my life. I started working as hard as I could to becoming better, which usually meant waking up before I had to go to the office, and working late into the evenings after office hours were over.

Something amazing happens when you start dedicating yourself to your passion and ignoring negative opinions of others, you grow into who you want to become. With even the smallest steps towards your dreams you start bringing them to life, you feel fulfilled, that you are doing things with passion and purpose. That is the greatest work you will ever do.

If you do anything in your life make sure it means something to you, that it’s something you can be proud of. Don’t let the voices of others silence the sound of your heart, because your heart already knows where you want to be in life. Believe that your spirit will get you there, and that your hard work will keep you going no matter what, then it’s only a matter of time.