What if I couldn’t be strong? I’ve always wondered if that was an option for me. As a husband, father, and provider, what if life got so hard that I needed to stop. What if I failed? Nothing scares me more than having to look at my wife and children in their eyes knowing I let them down, knowing that the person they’re looking to for hope and a better life might not be able to do it.

Everyone has a point in their life when they get weak, that doesn’t mean they are weak, it just means that in that moment they need support. They need someone to help them move forward, they need someone to hold them and tell them that everything is going to be alright.

As a man nothing has helped me grow stronger in life that not being afraid to let the people I love know when I’m weak. Nothing has helped me feel more brave than knowing that I don’t have to suffer alone. Nothing has helped me smile more than knowing that it’s ok for me to cry without being judged or looked down on.

One thing I’ve learned is that no matter how strong you are there are some things in life you just can’t prepare for. There will come points in our lives when it feels like everything is going wrong. In those moments it’s the people we surround ourselves with that makes the difference.

Marriage has taught me that when you’re lost even one person standing by your side can help you find yourself again. Whether it’s your partner, your friend, or a relative it’s their love that helps heal the pain. It’s their love that reminds you that you will always find someone to help when you need it most. When you have those people hold on to them and never let them go, because with them in your life you will always have a source strength.

This post is dedicated to my wife, thank you for letting me cry when I needed to, I’m not afraid anymore.