One thing that used to scare me was expressing myself. As a child I hid my love for theatre, poetry, arts, and writing. I listened to music that I thought was cool. I wore clothes that actors wore in the movies or that the cool kids wore at school. I replaced my passion for arts and music with sports and hanging out doing nothing.

This way of life followed me throughout university and as I joined the “real world” of work. I told people I wanted to be a CEO or minister, but deep down I wanted to be on stage performing for others. I worked everyday on financial models and power point slides for a promotion and that office with a view on the top floor, but what I really wanted to be doing was writing and sharing stories with the world from a small cafe.

You see telling people who you really are, dressing a certain way, sharing your interests, or even expressing what you love becomes far too difficult in a world that promotes a certain image or lifestyle to define success and popularity. Our first option is to hide, keep everything you are locked away and follow a path that allows you to fit in. The second option is to express everything you are, to always stay true to yourself, and to do the things that you love regardless of what others think.

The second option is not always easy but what I’ve learned is that when you really express yourself you live free, you live free from the judgement of others because it doesn’t hurt you anymore, you live free from the way society tells you to live and live the way that fills your soul with joy. More importantly you start to attract the right people towards you, people who appreciate you for who you are, people that see the beauty in who you are, people that find hope and inspiration in the way you live and the work you do, people who want to be part of your life forever.

When you follow your heart the world might see you as different but to some you will be special, that is a life worth living and a love worth finding.