My son Khalifa was, and still is, incredibly active. Wherever we went he was jumping around, running somewhere, or trying to figure out some new acrobatic trick that would scare his mother and I half to death.

I also felt as a family we had a hard time being content when we went out to certain places. When we went to a restaurant or mall he would want to explore while his mother and I were trying to shop or eat. The problem was we were expecting a 4-year-old child to act like an adult. It’s crazy that we would expect that when I think about how little I act like an adult at 31.

Then one day we took him to the beach, when we first hit the sand he started running for the water, with me running closely behind him. But then something happened, when he got to the shore he just stopped and stood completely still.
He watched the waves hit his tiny feet, then he sat down right on the shore and let the waves hit his body as he played with the sand. It felt like he was in that position forever. His mother and I sat behind him and just continued to watch in amazement, amazed at the absolute state of peace he was in.

This taught me one big lesson, to find the things in your life that bring you peace and do them often. Life can get hectic, we can get pulled in every direction, responsibilities pile up, but you need a place you can regularly escape to and bring silence to your life. You need to be able to reflect and just focus on yourself.

I felt my son somehow needed to escape the expectations of his parents and find himself. That shouldn’t change as we grow up, we all need to escape the expectations of the world and find ourselves, as it’s so easy to get lost.
Life is beautiful when lived with peace, so find the places and things that calm you. It makes all the difference because then everything else seems to fall into place because you are living your life at a pace that is comfortable with you, on terms that are comfortable with you, you deserve that much.