Throughout my childhood, university, and even upon taking my first job, I was always taught how to be a great employee, everything I would learn and everything I would gain. Nobody seemed to touch on our own person passion and what was meaningful to each of us individually. What would have helped me is to understand how important it was to do work we love and everything we would learn through that journey. Here are a few lessons from my personal experience while doing work I loved.

1. You are not forcing anything. You know when your parents told you to “push yourself” it was probably because you weren’t exactly enjoying the task at hand. What I’ve found is when you’re passionate about the work it pulls you towards it, there’s a natural attraction you have to doing more of the things that bring meaning to your life.

2. You are sharing a part of yourself. Before I graduated university a Professor said something that will stick with me forever, she said “The greatest work you will do in life is when it is an extension of who you are”. It means that if you’re naturally an artist or scientist the greatest work you will do is through arts or science, it’s where you will leave your mark, it’s where you will make a difference because the work comes directly from who you were born to become.

3. Challenges become fun. I love it when I’m asked to lecture on a topic that I have to do extra research for, or write a column that’s difficult to discuss. These challenges become fun, you view every challenge as a chance to grow and become better at what you do. When you do work you love you don’t walk away from challenges, you walk towards them, excited about what lies ahead.

4. You attract positive energy. It doesn’t matter if you’re cleaning floors, or singing to a sold out crowd, there’s nothing more inspirational than seeing someone totally in love with the work they’re doing. When you do work you love you unleash a powerful force of positive energy that everyone can feel when they are around you and that inspires them.

5. You live free. When you love the work you do you live free of all the days you have to force yourself into bed, and all the days you go home frustrated about living another day where you had to be something you didn’t want to do. Living free today is living a life that makes you happy, I promise it won’t be easy, but it will be worth every second of the struggle. Keep going.