I still remember our first real argument, we had a hard time looking at each other and being in the same place at the same time was almost impossible. We didn’t say much to each other for almost two days.

When we finally did start talking again we regretted not having done something earlier, we regretted letting our egos become more important than our love for each other. We lost two days that we will never get back and that hurt.

Sure we were really angry at each other but we knew we could fix it anytime we wanted to, we knew that we wanted our relationship to last. So we asked ourselves how could we stop it from happening again?

Our answer was that any prayer that is called when we are both at home we pray together, regardless of what we’re going through we pray together. The reason we chose this is that it connects our spirits, calms us down, and brings us close together.

In a way not seeing or speaking to each other out of anger is not an option because we are always one prayer away from being side by side again. If we’ve had an argument, after we finish praying together we find ourselves in a position to start talking to each other. It’s like a reset button.

We realize that we are safe together, and whatever problem we have we can work through if we start working on it rather than ignoring each other and letting the anger build up. I believe this is what keeps us confident in our love for each other, and not afraid to express ourselves when we are hurt or upset at each another.

In any relationship arguments are going to happen and anger takes over. What I’ve learned is that running away from these problems only makes them worse, that you simply waste time and energy by ignoring each other.

The best thing you can do for your relationship is to find your reset button, find something that makes you come together, find something reminds you of how much you love each other no matter what you are going through, and you will always get through it.