I don’t know what it is exactly but when I write I feel like everything stops. Every regret I had about yesterday, every stress in my life today, every worry I have about tomorrow, they all just fade away.

I simply flow, I become engaged in the moment, everything just feels right. Maybe that’s why so many people talk about finding your passion. It erases everything that holds you back and all the unnecessary negative energy that adds no value to your life.

It’s scary putting your heart into work you love especially when the promise of riches, fame, and glory aren’t promised. But those things are never are promised regardless of who you work for or what you do so your might as well do something you love right?

I once heard that it’s better to fail at something your love than succeed at something you hate. What that statement tells me is to focus on the journey, the feeling I wake up with first thing in the morning, the joy I feel every step I take on the path I have chosen, and the peace I feel when I sleep at night.

In the end I might not be rich, I might not be famous, but I will be smiling, I will share joy, and my wife and kids will see a man who lived the best way he knew how, with his heart.