People often ask where can one find motivation, motivation to find their passion in life, motivation to exercise, motivation to constantly go beyond their comfort zone.

I’ve read a lot of books on self development many of them will tell you the same thing, do work you love, work hard and never give up. The books will also share inspirational stories of people who created billion dollar empires from nothing. I love reading them because they are a reminder to me that anything is possible if we try hard enough.

However I was always left with the same question, where does motivation come from? Where does one find the drive that makes a person bring their dreams to life?

I realized I was so busy trying to understand what motivated other people rather than looking at my own life and realizing what motivated me. Too often in life we look at the formula other people have had for success and happiness and think by applying that to our lives we will find the same.

That might be true if you are the exact same person, however life will show you that you’re very unique, that you’re different from everyone else, that there’s something special about you that can’t be found in anyone else.

The answer where motivation comes from is simple, what is the one thing in this world that will keep you moving forward in life? For me it was my wife and kids. I didn’t want to let them down, I didn’t want my lack of effort or drive to be the reason I failed at whatever it was I was trying to accomplish. They were my motivation.

I think the key is to really think about the one thing that stands out in your life that will keep you working when everyone goes to sleep, that will make you pick yourself back up the moment you fall down, that will keep you moving forward towards the things you want to achieve in life no matter how many things stand in your life.

When you find that one thing you realize that you didn’t need to look for motivation, you realize that it was inside you all along.