My wife and I watched a documentary of marriages that lasted the test of time. During the documentary they interviewed a British couple that had been married for 70 years. When they asked the wife what she thought had kept the couple together for all that time her answer made my wife and I look at each other in amazement. Her answer wasn’t romance or adventure, it wasn’t attraction and passion, it was one simple thing, tolerance.

The wife said “For a marriage to last you have to be tolerant of each other.” Even though the answer surprised us at, it made sense. When my wife and I discussed the documentary we realized how tolerance had played such a huge role in our marriage. How tolerance helped us deal with the bad habits we each had when we first got married, and how it allowed us to be understanding when one of us was in a bad mood or had a hard day.

Each of us as individuals go through personal issues where we need someone to be supportive, someone to be patient and not give up on us even if we have given up on ourselves. It’s not easy, life can make it hard enough for us to carry our own weight let alone the weight of another, but true love is hard work, effort and dedication to each other is what makes a relationship last.

Every relationship goes through hard times, sometimes those moments make you wonder if it’s all worth while, if it might be easier to just walk away from everything and start over again. However the habit of tolerance my wife and I have for each other has created a habit within us both, that whenever something feels broken in our relationship we don’t throw away everything we have built, we fix it.

An attitude of tolerance has only brought my wife and I closer through the years, more importantly it doesn’t let our momentary anger blind us from the love we have for each other, it has taught us that even though we might not always see eye to eye, we will always be side by side.