Throughout our lives we are told never to give up, inspirational speakers, self help books and little quotes we find on social media tell us to keep going and not let go of the dreams and ambitions we have for our lives. But what if giving up made a difference?

In 2012 my wife gave up her studies, her home, her friends, the life she built and everything that made her comfortable to travel 16 hours across the world and support my dream of earning a Master’s degree. The beautiful thing I remember is she didn’t even hesitate when I asked if we should go, her love and support for me was immediate and absolute.

That day my wife taught me a lesson that I carry forward in my relationships, especially with her. It’s that personal sacrifice for someone you love, even if only temporary, can strengthen the connection between you and your partner to a level that you never thought possible.

On that day I knew what it truly meant to share a life with someone. You see sharing your life with someone is not only about giving part of what you have, but also passing by on some of the things you want so the other can be happy, and being able to find joy in their happiness.

When I graduated the moment I walked off the stage and hugged my wife she said to me “We did it!”. She was part of the success, the degree I gained was hers as much as it was mine. All the hard work, all the late nights, all the worrying about achieving my goals, she was right there with me every step of the way.

What’s beautiful when you and your partner sacrifice for each other is that you both feel closer to each others dreams and ambitions. The feeling that you are giving something up is replaced by a sense of accomplishment in the role you play in their success, and the role that they play in yours.

In football the person who scores the winning goal could not have done it without the person who gave them the perfect pass. I’m blessed to have you on my team my love, you are the strongest woman I know.