One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned in life is to take care of things. When I was younger my father told me that nobody will care about the things you love, or the things you own, the way you do. If you care about something you have to take care of it. Whether it’s your family, your home or your belongings, whatever matters to you if you’re not willing to roll up your sleeves and work for them you will see them slip out of your hands.

It amazes me when people give their personal responsibilities to other people and are not happy with the outcome and results. Parents might rely on nannies to raise their children and wonder why the kids don’t have certain characteristics they want to see, you might come home to see things aren’t the way you like because the house cleaner didn’t do a good job that day, you might wait for someone to come by and give you the answer to what will make you happy in life and be waiting forever. What’s missing from bringing all the things you want to life is you, and only you.

What you need to understand from day one is that whatever success, happiness and results you want to see in your life must begin with you, you have to play the biggest role in whatever it is you want to achieve. It really is that simple.

You want your kids to achieve great things in their lives then you need to be a big part of their lives, you want your home cleaned a certain way, you clean it, or at least be a big part of the cleaning process, you want to become something in this world you’re going to have to make those things happen, I’m yet to see someone be given all their dreams on a silver plate.

Nobody is coming to save you, start today on what you want, work on the things you want to see become better, be the leader of your life and everything in it, take full responsibility. It will be hard work, hard work that you might feel is unnecessary at times, work that you might feel is below you, but if it matters, if it makes a difference, if it makes you smile, then it’s worth it.