People are always talking about how they need an escape, an escape from their growing workload, an escape from their endless responsibilities, an escape from all the noise that surrounds them.

Life has taught me one important lesson, there’s no escape, and that the people who find happiness in life are the ones who are able to look at every situation and face it with a positive attitude, not run away from it.

The journey you’re on today is a journey shaped by your decisions. Whatever you’re going through in life you decide how it makes you feel, you decide whether or not the situation will control you, you decide if you’re going to make it through.

The most important decision I make every day is the decision to be happy, the decision to make the most of the day I’ve been blessed way, the decision to be stronger than whatever problem I’m faced with.

I find that when I make that decision I don’t worry about where I was yesterday, I don’t think about where I will be tomorrow, I simply love where I am today, I love who I’m with right now, because that is all that’s ever guaranteed, and that’s something I never want to escape from.