It’s amazing how much we can do in our day then look back and realize that we haven’t really done anything, we were simply busy being busy.

Life has this way of putting us on auto-pilot. We wake up, get in the car, go to work, come home, go to bed. We forget about ourselves and our purpose, we forget how to dream, we forget that everyday is supposed to be fun and not something we wait until the weekend for.

I have found that it’s important to stop sometimes and put your life on pause. Learn how to bring silence to your world, learn how to stop and breathe, learn how to think about yourself and what you want.

Spend some time going over where you were in the past, where you are today, and where you want to be in the future. Give yourself the time you deserve to reflect on all the things you want in your life and how you are going to make that possible.

So this weekend seek complete silence from all the demands of the world, silence from all the things you “should” be doing because others say so, silence from all the things you feel are holding you back. It might be the silence you need to hear the sounds of your heart a little clearer.

Don’t let life pass you by, whatever changes you want to see must start with you, and it all starts with a moment of silence, a deep breath, and one step forward in the direction you want to go.