When my wife and I first got married we felt we needed to act a certain way now that we were husband and wife, it was what society expected and we wanted to look and play the part.

As a husband I had a certain role to play in the marriage, as did my wife. Through that journey we forgot our personalities, we forgot our youth, we forgot what made us fun to be with. Marriage had become a simple daily process rather than the beautiful journey of our lives together.

We loved each other but at the same time we weren’t really happy. After having our kids we grew further apart as a couple, we thought that spending time running around after the kids or changing diapers was the same as spending time with each other, it isn’t.

Time spent being a parent is different than time spent being a partner, when you focus too much on one you find that the other starts to weaken. It’s all about balance.

One day my wife and I looked at each other and it was as if we didn’t know who the other person was. We knew that if we wanted this marriage to last we needed to make a change. We asked each other one question, when were we happiest together?

The answer was simple, we were happiest when acted as best friends rather than a married couple. The moments we were silly, went on adventures, or watched a terrible movie together and laughed at how bad it was. We were friends first, we just loved being together no matter what we were doing. The problem was we felt we needed to be a married couple for everyone else, rather than best friends for each other.

It was then we decided that we were going to love each other the way we wanted to love each other. We were going to make those few moments being best friends the biggest part of our love together, because that’s when we loved each other the strongest.

So my advice, marry someone who isn’t afraid to be silly with you, someone who makes you laugh till your stomach hurts, someone who holds you when life gets hard, marry your best friend, and don’t ever let them go.