As National Day celebrations approach tomorrow I am reminded that most occasions such as Eid or National holidays in our family are filled with new clothes, fancy meals, lots of sweets, crisp money bills and trips to more houses that I can count. Last Eid I took a lot of pictures that captured all of those things, but out of all the pictures I took this is the one that captured everything I thought was special about that day.

My wife and I were literally exhausted, running around after our two little boys, making sure everything was just right for our guests, and going from home to home giving our greetings to family and friends like modern day nomads. But when all is said and done, when the celebrations come to an end, all we have is each other. Knowing that gives us the energy to make time to connect even when we’re fighting to keep our eyes open.

It’s easy to get carried away with how busy things become and lose focus on everything that truly matters. Although the clothes, food, and festivities are fun, you don’t need them for today to be special. You can do nothing with the people you love and still be happy, because even when you are doing nothing together you will still be having the time of your life, that’s what love is. Those are the times you look back on when you are older, smile, and thank Allah for bringing those people into your life.

So if the people who make your life truly special are still awake kiss them, hug them, call them, text them, do something to let know you love them, to let them know they matter, to let them know that even if they were all your had you would still have everything.