Whenever I think about my marriage the first word that comes to mind is “partnership”. Tradition and culture has this way of defining the roles of the wife and the husband. One brings in the money, the other takes care of the home, one is the face of the family, the other raises the family, one disciplines the kids, the other nourishes the kids, every responsibility separates the partners.

To me marriage isn’t about separating responsibilities but about coming together to share them. Sharing responsibilities is probably the best opportunity you will have to connect with your partner. Think about it, responsibilities don’t go away, there’s always something to be taken care of, there is always something that needs to get done, so why go through it alone?

In addition as we grow up the list of responsibilities grows with it, jobs, houses, payments, children, all continue to add up on the never ending to-do-list of life. As this list grew my wife and I thought of trying to share the responsibilities, going for food shopping together, cooking together, cleaning the house together, picking up the kids from school together, or trying to pay our bills together. What we found is that by sharing responsibilities we lightened the weight on each of our shoulders.

It allowed us to communicate more on how we feel, since we shared responsibilities, we also shared our feelings regarding those responsibilities. If I’m worried about the growing number of payments I don’t feel a need to look confident in front of my wife, she already knows how I feel because she’s in the situation with me, she feels what I feel, and together we give each other the strength.

Marriage is not only about sharing your life with someone, but sharing everything you face in life, good or bad, it’s about reminding your partner each and every day that you are there for them and that they never have to go through anything alone, it’s about rising together no matter how many times you fall, and that is love.