Life can make us forget things, very important things, like who we are and where we came from. The race to wealth, success and fame that the world forces us into can make us forget the very people who brought us into this world, who raised us and loved us unconditionally.

My grandmother kept on saying to her sons, my father and his brothers, “You have grown up, you are better than me”. I didn’t know why she said that, my guess is that it’s a sign of humility, to know that your children have grown beyond your help and done things you never dreamed they would do.

Her sons responded “You are the one who taught us”, she smiled and simply said “I tried my best”. It’s like she didn’t want to take credit for all they had achieved.

That day my grandmother taught me an important lesson in humility and that the greatest people in this world are not necessarily the ones in the front becoming rich, famous and getting recognition, but the people in the background who built and nourished them, and simply get pleasure from seeing them shine and succeed.

Let’s not forget those people on the journey of our lives, let’s not forget to tell them how important they are to us, let’s not forget to give them recognition for all they have done for us, they will never ask for it, but they are the ones who deserve it most.