I always knew what I wanted to become. I loved to engage with people, I loved to present thoughts and ideas, I loved the power of words and how they could move people to do amazing things.

Sometimes you think what you love is silly, especially when it comes to matters of work and building a career. Then you need to ask yourself is it you who thinks it is silly? Or are you just afraid that other people think it’s silly and a waste of time?

You start to silence who you are, you try to find happiness and fulfillment in your work but you keep hitting walls everywhere you turn. Then you start to look for happiness on the weekend and think of the five days of work in between as just time you have to get through until you can have fun again. Then you get stuck and accept that this might be the way the world works, here’s the thing, it doesn’t have to work that way.

The one thing I have learned through life is that at some point you have to work past the fear, you have to silence the people who doubt you, you have to do work that you believe is important. It’s the work that will transform your life, and more importantly transform the lives of others when they see the passion and energy you bring to your craft.

I’ve worked for money and only found myself wanting more money, I’ve worked for promotions and only found myself wanting more promotions, I’ve worked for prestige and only found myself wanting more prestige. Then I worked for love, and found something that all the money, promotions and prestige could never buy, I found peace.