No moment lasts forever, so make the most of it while it’s here. Smile, laugh, dance, sing, life is about being joyful and it all begins with the words you say, the feelings you have and the actions you take.

I try and show my kids how easy it is to create happiness in your life and be at peace with what you have, no matter how much or how little that is. All you have to do is be grateful, and know that life is a lot more about experiences and moments, rather than money and “stuff”.

I want them to know that growing up gets harder, the material world will tell you that you need fancy things and expensive toys to be happy, but all you really need is the strength to smile, to always look for the beauty in the world and to always see the beauty in yourself.

I want them to understand that happiness begins as a decision you make every morning you wake up and then becomes a reality through your actions and attitude, it’s that simple.

My sons, thank you for always giving me a reason to smile, thank you for loving me just the way I am, I always feel better when you are both in my arms.