I haven’t written any resolutions this year. I felt resolutions were putting unnecessary pressure on me. As I look back on 2015 I didn’t review my resolutions that much because I was busy doing one specific thing, growing into myself.

I was beginning to get comfortable with the person I am and the things that make me happy. I realized that a life of happiness and meaning is all about growing into the best version of yourself, regardless of what the means to other people.

For example maybe engineering isn’t for you, maybe waking up early isn’t for you, maybe you find spending an hour and a half in the gym boring, maybe you want to watch Casablanca rather than the latest Star Wars movie.

The problem is resolutions are always based on popular trends and what society thinks is the best way to live. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think they’re a bad thing they just might not capture all of your passion and personality. So don’t resolve things, you are not the problem, instead find the things that make you feel amazing and work on them.

In 2015 I spent a majority of my time giving lectures at schools, universities, and companies. I wrote articles on everything from social issues to love and happiness. I spent time growing closer to my family and working on my relationship with my wife and kids. Those are the things I wanted to do, I didn’t write them down, I just did them.

I didn’t go the gym as much as I would have hoped, maybe that’s not for me and for me that’s ok. I wouldn’t wake up early all the time like I promised myself, maybe I’m a night owl after all and for me that’s ok. I didn’t finish my book (I’m working on it I promise!), but I was focused on other things that I felt were having a great impact and for me that’s ok. The lesson, do what works for you.

Why do I say it’s ok? Well because as I can’t remember being stressed or feeling like a failure. I felt like I was doing the things I needed to be doing, I felt I was becoming someone I always wanted to be, myse