When we first got married we only spent the weekends together, I was working in Dubai, she was studying in Abu Dhabi. We always looked forward to Thursday night when I would come home after a long work week.

I would be tired from the drive and she would have to catch up on work for university. It felt like I had only just arrived and then I would have to pack my bags, get in the car, kiss her good bye and hit the road again for the work week ahead.

We were both busy, tired, and caught up in the rat race of the modern world, trying to make a living but forgetting to live our lives. We were forgetting to put each other first, we were forgetting to connect with each other, and in a funny way we were forgetting why we got married.

Unfortunately companies and universities don’t value how good of a wife or husband you are, they don’t value how you raise and love your kids, what you are required to do is work, and then work some more. We realized that time is never given to us, and that we were going to have to make time for each other.

Even if it meant going out for dinner at 11pm, we would go out at 11pm, even if it meant waking up extra early to spend a couple of hours together before I hit the road, we would wake up early, even if it meant being exhausted, at least we would be exhausted together.

That year apart built the foundation for our relationship, now making time for each other comes naturally. As we both work towards our dreams we are always looking for ways to do things that bring us closer together.

We take nothing for granted, we never assume we will have more time later, we realize that maintaining a strong relationship requires effort and dedication even when you would rather just sit around on the sofa all day.

That experience has redefined what a relationship means to us, I think it’s because we know now what love is, it’s when someone is always the first person you think about when you want to hang out, I’m glad I found you.