One day I had a interview I was nervous about. After sitting down the office barista asked me what I wanted to drink, he recommended the cappuccino so I went with it.

A few minutes into the interview the barista walks in and puts down the cappuccino in front of me. I thank him and as I am about to take my first sip I notice that he wrote something in the foam, it said “All the best”.

At that moment I felt a strong sense of joy, this man who had never met me in his life went that extra mile just to make me feel better. He had absolutely nothing to gain from me doing well in the interview, nothing whatsoever.

The interview went well, I tried to find him to thank him for making me feel good and easing the stress I was going. I wanted to let him know that he brought a big smile to my face that set the tone for the interview, unfortunately he had already left.

This man I never met reminded me of the greatest lesson in the world, that kindness is what connects us as human beings. It takes nothing more than a little effort to bring joy and happiness to other people.

It’s so simple, yet we are usually so uptight and stressed about how we are doing we forget that we ourselves are a direct reflection of how we make other people feel. You make someone feel good, you start to feel good, you make some smile, you start to smile, you help someone grow stronger, you become stronger.

So today call someone that means something to you, say I love you for no reason, help someone in need, drop a kind word to someone who looks like hey are having a hard day, be a source of joy, be the reason someone days today will be better.

That simple act will make you a better person, it will be make this world a better place, it will change your life and it just might be the reason that changes another person’s life.