My parents always used to tell me simplicity is best way to approach life, keep things simple and everything will be alright. They say when you keep things simple you find the joy of life.

But how? Life is so complicated, we’ve got families to take care of, bills to pay, exams to pass and a never ending search for the answer to the ultimate question, “What was I put on this earth to do?” I feel the start to any journey of living life simply and discovering a world of joy starts when you wake up and discover the real you.

The real you goes back years and years, back to your childhood when everything was possible, when you didn’t need much to be happy, when you used to run and smile everywhere you went no matter who was watching.

We live in a world where they try to make it seem like living simply makes life more complicated. How are you going to survive without all the stuff that is supposed to make you happy? How are you going to fit in to a community that judges you by the way you look, the job you have and the car you drive? How are you going to have anything to show for the life you lived?

People have got it all wrong, they assume when you live simply that your body, your mind and your soul stays still. They don’t realize that when you live simply your mind is free to wander, you heart is free to grow, and your soul free to find peace with who you are. To put it simply you are able to focus on the things you love, no drama, no complications, just you and your passion growing closer together.

When you wake up you realize that the world has been waiting for you, waiting for you to bring your magic to your life and the lives of those around you. Then the universe can finally start to guide everything you have wanted to become but kept hidden all this time.

The time is now, are you ready to wake up?