I have one rule everyday, always come home after work. I make sure to leave everything I am doing at the end of the workday and spend time with my family. People might think it’s a pretty obvious thing to do but things always seem to come up and we put our work before the people we love.

We say we are going to prioritize our family but at the same time we take them for granted. Therefore we cancel dinner with our partners, we skip our kids sports games, and tell them we will be there next time.

What I’ve realized throughout my career is that work never ends. We can’t control the endless emails and meetings. What we do control is how we react to all those requests and what we prioritize.

I remember two years into my career nights at the office that would never end. I would show up to the house late at night and my wife would ask why? The only response I could give was that I had a lot of work, in reality I was doing it for the promotion.

Time passed and I got the promotion, a raise in salary, a nicer car and nicer things for my family, but what did cost me? It cost me my time, it cost me being a husband to my wife and a father to my kids. It cost me memories of laughter and love with my family, all replaced by hours staring at my computer screen or in meetings.

Today I make a choice to come home. I spend time with my wife and kids, we go out and do things together, we live our lives. If more work needs to get done I take care of it when everyone else has gone to sleep, or else it can wait till the next morning.

I understand the consequences of my actions, I do realize that I will miss a lot of opportunities. I might not get promoted, the higher salary or the fancy office, but what I do get is my family. I get to love my wife, I get to watch my boys grow into men, I get to be a part of their lives and they a part of mine. I get to sleep at night knowing that the people I love came first, and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.